Grip Tape Art Show aka Ruff Sketch aka ... July 24, 2019 16:50

Grip tape art show July 20th at Virgil Normal. 80 artists put paint pens to grip tape in support of Lockwood Elementary School. 100% of sales went to Lockwood.

Coffee Grinders April 1, 2018 14:50

coffee grinders

Virgil Normal at Study Showroom Osaka, Japan November 14, 2017 11:44

Virgil Normal "Don't Be A Dick" comes to Study Showroom in Osaka.

Thursday 23rd of November 6-9pmDon't Be A Dick Virgil Normal Pop up Study Showroom

Virgil Normal "It Ain't Formal" September 7, 2017 09:58

September 7, 2017—NAOMI YANG (Galaxie 500, Damon & Naomi) and STEPHIN MERRITT

today release a brand new music video collaboration for VIRGIL NORMAL — Silverlake

haberdasher to stars and skaters alike.

The video, conceived as a “late-night-TV-ad” for Virgil Normal, is directed by Naomi Yang

with music written by Stephin Merritt. Virgil Normal is owned by artist Charlie Staunton and

stylist Shirley Kurata.

Virgil Normal is a new menswear store located near the corner of Virgil and Normal in the

Silverlake neighborhood of Los Angeles, CA. The store carries new and vintage clothing, art,

and magazines, also serves as a neighborhood clubhouse with DJs, sign-painting parties, a

cereal bar, and more. The video captures some of the hijinks that go on there — and whom

better to write a catchy jingle than Stephin Merritt?

Watch the video HERE.

Share the video HERE (

STEPHIN MERRITT is best known as the principal singer and songwriter of the band The

Magnetic Fields. His most recent release is “50 Song Memoir” (Nonesuch).

NAOMI YANG is a musician (Galaxie 500, Damon & Naomi), photographer, and directs music

and fashion videos (musicians including Lee Ranaldo, Waxahatchee; fashion designer Gary


SHIRLEY KURATA is a Los Angeles based costume designer and wardrobe stylist and coowner

of the store Virgil Normal. She has done costume design for commercials, music videos,

films, as well as styling for various fashion editorials and runway shows (

CHARLIE STAUNTON is co-owner and shop boy at Virgil Normal. He studied art, photography

and is a self-taught sign painter. An aspiring waterman, he longs to catch endless waves and

soak up the California sunshine (

Virgil Normal Pop Up At H Beauty & Youth March 30, 2017 12:29

Tokyo, Japan—Join us as we celebrate the Virgil Normal Pop-up store at H Beauty & Youth. A curated gallery of screen printed tees, vintage clothing and sign painting. The Virgil Normal collection for S/S 17 features collaborations with Brain Dead, Lot, Stock and Barrel, Ty Williams, Ben Klevay and Mr. Pigu’s Tenbox. Special thanks to Shuttlenotes Master Cloth for hosting.

Event to be held at the following time, date, and location:


Saturday, April 8, 2017

11:00 AM to 8:00 PM

Exhibition runs through

Monday, April 17, 2017



3 Chome-14-17 Minamiaoyama,

Minato, Tokyo 107-0062, Japan












Dante Fewster Holdsworth Photography Exhibition November 7, 2016 15:08

 dante fewster holdsworth photography art opening los angeles



Virgil Normal + Dreamworks Present Troll Party September 18, 2016 11:34

Troll Party

Saturday September 24th 6-10pm

Silent Auction in support of Kitten Rescue Los Angeles

Enjoy music by Dj's Honey Power Club, live performance by Hearts Revolution, chain stitching by Lot, Stock & Barrel, wine spritzers by Hoxie and tacos by Edith.

troll party virgil normal dreamworks movie benefit

Featured artists:


Todd Oldham

Peter Jensen

Hearts Revolution

Diana Diaz

Liz Tailor

Lot, Stock & Barrel

Gigi Biondo

Mariko Munro

Jeff Luger

Ann Ngo

Shannon Staunton

Dane Johnson

Michael Dopp

Lo & Chlo

Theophilus Martins

Westfall July 6, 2016 15:49

Westfall the heir to the Comme des Garcons throne.

Brett Westfall Self Portrait

We here at Virgil Normal are proud to stock the most original graphic tees hand dyed by the man himself. Westfall a long distance runner and fashion maven has produced a limited run of surreal tees. Hand drawn and made of cats, mermaids, and school lunch. The series tends to morph into surprising skulls that also act as fantasy villages reminiscent of a Murakami novel.

We interviewed Brett Westfall and he put together a self-portrait and playlist for your listening pleasure.


What is your name? BRETT AUSTIN WESTFALL

What do you call what you do? ART.
Where do you do it? EARTH.
When did you do it? SINCE CHILDHOOD.

What time did you wake up? 6AM.

When we asked you what you've seen, you said you didn’t care. What do you care to see? MY DAUGHTER, WIFE, FAMILY, FRIENDS.
A thought that never changes remains a stupid lie. What trails do you run, to keep the path to creativity clear? ANY TRAIL THAT IS DIRT. YES, IT WORKS.
No hearing, no breathing, no color, just silence, what is the search that shall remain? LOVE, JOY, HAPPINESS, PEACE, FREEDOM.
Who saw those dark eyes? NONE.

Who felt those cold hands, burn their soul down to the ground? NONE.
What are the words you’ve heard that you regretted? NONE.

Is your love like the flowers, the rain, the sea or the hours? MY LOVE IS LIKE THE SEA, POWERFUL AND CONSUMING.
What can you hear calling from deep inside? LOVE, JOY, HAPPINESS, PEACE, FREEDOM.
With 3 miles to go, at the end of the road what is waiting for you?  MY DAUGHTER AND WIFE.


For Your Listening Pleasure: Please click

1. Beethoven - Moon light Sonata
2. God Speed You Black Emporer - Moya
4. Iron Maiden - Caught Somewhere In Time
5. Iron Maiden - The Loneliness Of The Long Distance Runner
6. VHÖL - The Desolate Damned
7. Ludicra - Time Wounds All Heels
8. David Bowie - All The Madmen
9. David Bowie - Man Who Sold The World
10. Phillip Glass - Mishima

Linda Oldham - Reconsidered May 25, 2016 16:50

Linda Oldham - Reconsidered


Hi Linda thank you for taking a moment to discuss your work and upcoming show “RECONSIDERED” at Virgil Normal in Los Angeles.

Linda you have created incredibly labor intensive art, fields ranging from decor, surreal tea parties, fashion lines, and book publishing. You’ve worked with German porcelain figurines, hand made tile, vintage flour sacks and vintage magazines, you’ve cut and sewn and generally employed an array of collected items.

When did you get started? I’ve been making things my whole life, my sisters and I were always busy fabricating fantasy playgrounds. We inherited our creative spirits from our mother. We spent our days running around the farm, finding things around the pond, building forts and houses out of tree branches, posts and cardboard.

Growing up in Texas what were your early inspirations? Making do with found objects and using my imagination.

What were your early artistic endeavors? I started painting as a child as well as making stick dolls and the outfits to clothe them. But I don’t necessarily consider working within traditional artistic mediums any better than other mediums. To this day I create gardens, construct bathrooms, studios and more. This keeps me grounded and fulfilled. In general, I am happiest learning a new skill and figuring out a process.

Your process begins with collecting at flea markets, what comes first the idea or the object? Sometimes I see something old, and it triggers ideas. Not clear where, but the idea gets planted, develops and the object finds a purpose.  For instance, we picked up some wooden animals in Alabama they sat around for a while before I painted them, built a table and tea set and then put them out to for a never ending tea party on our Abiquiu property.

Do you consider your work surreal or does the process of reconsideration lead to the surreal? Not so formal as surreal. I don’t like the baggage that comes along with a term so entrenched. I prefer the term reconsidered.

You moved from Dallas to Abiquiu, New Mexico home of Georgia O’keeffe, what drew you there? and what was the art scene like in the early two thousands? We (my husband Jack and I) lived there for 17 years. What drew me to Abiquiu was the astounding nature. Landscapes created by volcanoes and the beautiful mountains. One of my favorite locations is Plaza Blanca it is a very inspiring, very flat, a very spacey landscape. New Mexico offers so much nature,our property had a river that ran through and the colors in the sky and sedimentary landscapes are very reminiscent of O’keefe’s paintings. We Found the town of Abiquiu on a road trip and fell in love with the 30 acres property. Ultimately it was a bit too far out of town. An hour drive to Santa Fe is a long way to go for a movie. Now living in pine tree laden property with a mountain behind. 6 acre property, we’ve left most untamed and built a new studio connected to the house.  In Abiquiu the studio was a fair distance from the house which proved daunting in the winter. Todd and I built a humongous beaded flower mural that is 12 feet long by 3 feet tall which stretches the entire width of the bathroom. We also restored an antique bathtub from Mexico made of a carved out mesquite tree with copper patches, we poured resin to make water tight.

The families factory you ran sounds like it had an organic path to growth into different industries, which has ranged from Todd Oldham’s
fashion house, home decor and book publishing. How was your factory able to accommodate all of the ventures? It was initally dedicated to producing the Todd Oldham fashion label, that delivered 6 collections per year. Eventually, with all of Todd’s endeavors it became the shipping hub for the special projects like dishes and furniture and then Ammo books I was involved in the business side of things, financial, production and shipping.

What new projects do you have planned for your Santa Fe home?
Right now I am making a new garden with lots of native plants and a small 15’x15’ patch of grass to avoid mowing and save water. I am also making wallpaper out of 1939 nature magazines. and constantly working on the reconsidered animalgams that will be on view shortly at your store.

Somewhere Small - The Miniature World Of Jedediah Voltz April 12, 2016 14:15

somewhere small questionnaire


somewhere small jed voltz succulent house

somewhere small jed voltz slanty shanty


Please Join us Saturday April 23rd 4-10 pm for the opening reception

Virgil Normal 4157 Normal Ave Los Angeles, CA 90029


Sold Out! Fan Art T-shirt Opening Reception March 28, 2016 17:24

Sold Out Fan Art Opening Reception


Please join us for Sold Out!

A fan art T-shirt art show. 25 Hardcore artists create homages to the bands and music that move our asses.

Saturday, April 2nd


Virgil Normal

4157 Normal Ave Los Angeles, Ca 90029


Featuring work from:

Alexis Ross, Aaron Rose, Alexander Spit, Dane Johnson, Lot, Stock & Barrel, Theophilus Martins, Arrow deWilde, Blair "The Captain" Green, Jess Rotter, Blake Hazard,Jed Voltz, Kyle Ng, Ben Klevay, Paul Windle, Gianni Gigliotti, Andrew Conte, Tabby Hansen, Grant Knits, Michael Dopp, Brandon Andrew, Julia Galdo, Jordan Rae, Jimmy Marble, David Metcalf, Dylan Hucklesby and more

Good / Posture Basics Collection One February 25, 2016 12:36


Listen Up: Good / Posture Basics One Mix