Fudge Monthly

Fudge Monthly by Jimmy Marble

Issue #1 The Swimsuit Issue release Party

Saturday, January 9th

7pm - 10pm

at Virgil Normal 4157 Normal Ave. Los Angeles, Ca 90029 (323) 741-8489

Please join us for libations and socializations. Be an early adaptor and grab the first issue of Fudge Monthly by Jimmy Marble.

fudge monthly


Now for a questionnaire with Jimmy Marble, creative mind and editor of Fudge Monthly

What’s your name?  Jimmy Marble


What Fashion do you like?  the celebrity trying to blend in ballcap and sunglasses and slight beard look is an all-time fave


What Fashion don’t you like? i don't like masks very much


What were you doing last Sunday?  Watching the Seattle Seahawks


What time did you wake up this morning? 7:15 


What color hair do you wish you were born with?  I wish i had one of those birthmark hair patches


Are you a good cook?  I'm such a good cook!


What do you cook best?  I like making bowls that are full of lots of fresh and cooked vegetables and a protein


What do you wear when you sleep? not a damn thing


What’s your favorite word?  barf


What words do you not like? "calendar" and "you're late"


What’s your favorite season?  Winter in LA but spring in the rest of the world


Where do you most want to go to now?  to the pink lake in Australia 


What’s your job?  director and photographer


Do you like your voice?  i like the way it sounds when i talk but not when i hear it recorded


What’s the happiest thing about your life?  i'm in love


What part of your personality do you like best?  i have a strong desire to cook friends dinner


When was your first love?  17


What kind of person is your current lover?  she's a miracle


Do you believe in dreams?  definitely


Do you believe in jinxes?  once a psychic told me someone from my hometown was lighting black candles against me because he was jealous 


Do you believe in luck?  i try not to