Photo by: Autumn de Wilde

VN:   You began your fashion label Rodarte in 2005, I’ve heard you sold just about everything you owned to raise the funds for that first line. That experience sounds reminiscent of a caterpillar going thru a cocooning process shedding records, favorite jackets, art and collectibles that help construct ones identity and coming out the other side as fashion designers.  WHICH WOULD YOU CHOOSE, TO HAVE ALL OF YOUR STUFF BACK OR ONION DIP AND CHIPS AT THE SNAP OF YOUR FINGER?

K&L: We would love to have our original record collection, as it was made primarily with the help of our father. Some of the albums had such sentimental value. However, we are in the process of building a new collection, and we are enjoying the excitement of making good finds at local record stores!

VN:   You’ve designed costumes for Darren Aranofsky’s film Black Swan, worked with Frank Gehry and Dudemel for the production of Don Giovanni. and more. WHAT ARE THE FIRST 3 STEPS IN YOUR CREATIVE PROCESS AND WHAT IS THE LAST?

K&L: 1.     Opening our minds to inspiration- looking to our environment and surroundings for a moment of excitement and feeling of newness.
2.     Free ourselves of any previously conceived notions.
3.     Always trust your insticts.
Last: There is never a last step, never a moment where we stop questioning what we are making and wanting to make it better.

VN:   You appear to have an incredible work ethic and tireless enthusiasm. I’m speaking of your devotion to the holidays, starting with the incredible decorations of your house, lawn, rooftop, and themed parties for Halloween, and Christmas. To add to the mix last year you moved studios and still pulled off an incredibly elegant jank prom. Now you follow it up with winning Vogue’s top 12 shows of Spring Summer 16. It’s truly incredible. HAVE YOU EVER FINISHED A GAME OF MONOPOLY?

K&L: No, we have not.

VN:   Your father Perry has amassed a vast tape collection, I assume his collection is a great library to pull from to set a mood. CAN YOU GIVE US A SMALL PLAYLIST FOR THE ULTIMATE POOL PARTY?

Steve Miller Band- Wild Mountain Honey
America- Ventura High Way
E.L.O- the way life’s meant to be
Ramones- Danny Says
The Replacements- Swingin Party
The Alan Parsons Project- Eye in the Sky
New Order- Your silent Face
The Dream Syndicate-  Tell me When it’s over
Gerry Rafferty- Right Down The Line
Tom Petty- American Girl


Playlist assembled and available to listen to on Spotify: Kate & Laura's Pool Party Playlist