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Fall 2020

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Virgil Normal - What is it?

Virgil Normal a friendly store for friendly people. A space for clothing and home goods in Los Angeles. We specialize in working with independent designers and artists.

Limited time
Friends of Lockwood
Fundraiser tee for Lockwood Elementary School
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This Just In
Feast your eyes
From Meals Clothing we bring you the Chef Pants
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Virgil Normal fall 20
Shake those tasty cakes
A stream of consciousness bounces along to the beat of Paradise Garage, in search of personal utopia.
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world famous
made by parra
Illustrator extraordinaire Piet Parra's collection in cotton
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Enjoy Life


Made in Los Angeles of the highest standards and finest fabrics. Yuki Matsuda designs with laser sharp detail and ambition to make goods that everlasting.

life enhancing

Virgil Normal

4157 Normal Ave.
Los Angeles, Ca 90029

Tue - Sat, 11am - 5pm
Sunday, 12pm - 5pm

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Bootleg World Champion gear made by local artists.

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