"Feels So Good"

Virgil Normal is a new menswear store located near the corner of Virgil and Normal in the Silverlake neighborhood of Los Angeles, CA. Catering to the gentlemen of sports and leisure, Virgil Normal will stock both new and vintage clothing, home products, books, records, art supplies, and beauty products as well as host art and cultural events appealing to men living a balance between city life and the great outdoors. 

Virgil Normal is located in the old Choke moped shop, a neighborhood clubhouse of nine years also known for making denim, coffee and t-shirts started by Jeff Johnsen and designed by artist, Alexis Ross. In fact, purveyors Shirley Kurata and Charlie Staunton were once in a moped gang called The Latebirds so the two decided to keep the space in the family after Johnsen switched careers to be a Hollywood stuntman and race-car driver. Kurata brings a unique element to Virgil Normal through her work as a visionary costume designer/fashion stylist that compliments Staunton's career as a clothing/graphic designer and waterman creating a unique retail experience for the discerning man.
About Shirley Kurata
Shirley Kurata is a LA born costume designer and wardrobe stylist.  At 19 she moved to Paris to study fashion and went to the fashion school Studio Bercot whose alumni include Martine Sitbon, Roland Mouret and Isabel Marant. After 3 years of studies in Paris, she moved back to LA to earn her BA at Cal State Long Beach in Fine Art.  Since graduating, she has worked in numerous tv, film, print, commercials, videos, and fashion projects.  Some of the people she has collaborated with include photographer Autumn de Wilde and Juco, designers Rodarte and Peter Jensen,  and actors and artists such as Lena Dunham, Jenny Lewis, and Miranda July. She also has styled for publications like Paper Magazine and WWD. 
About Charlie Staunton
Charlie Staunton grew up an active southern California kid, skateboarding, surfing, and snowboarding. He was not to be bothered with indoor activities such as homework. After a stint of exploring the outer limits of his capabilities in athletics, he found art could hold his attention. He followed his dream to be an accomplished conceptual artist and attended Cal State Long Beach getting a BFA in Fine Arts with an emphasis in Photography. Simultaneously he was a Co-Owner & Curator of Estudio Zumbido Santa Ana, CA. Estudio Zumbido, an alternative art space, hosted many art openings and was best known for it's monthly performance art parties, which featured a variety of Cal Arts, CSULB and Santa Ana artists. Following his stint in Santa Ana, Charlie Staunton moved to Los Angeles to further his career and social horizons. Soon he took up with old school mate Robert Sinclair and collaborated on various apparel ventures. The best known of these projects, Brown Sound Clothing, a young refined men's clothing line, was sold world wide and worn by may Indie rock troubadours. Simultaneously Shirley Kurata, Rob Sinclair, Jennifer Anderson, and Charlie Staunton formed the Los Angeles Latebirds moped gang. The gang toured nationally, visiting other moped gangs winning drag races and making friends along the way.