Virgil Normal "It Ain't Formal"

September 7, 2017—NAOMI YANG (Galaxie 500, Damon & Naomi) and STEPHIN MERRITT

today release a brand new music video collaboration for VIRGIL NORMAL — Silverlake

haberdasher to stars and skaters alike.

The video, conceived as a “late-night-TV-ad” for Virgil Normal, is directed by Naomi Yang

with music written by Stephin Merritt. Virgil Normal is owned by artist Charlie Staunton and

stylist Shirley Kurata.

Virgil Normal is a new menswear store located near the corner of Virgil and Normal in the

Silverlake neighborhood of Los Angeles, CA. The store carries new and vintage clothing, art,

and magazines, also serves as a neighborhood clubhouse with DJs, sign-painting parties, a

cereal bar, and more. The video captures some of the hijinks that go on there — and whom

better to write a catchy jingle than Stephin Merritt?

Watch the video HERE.

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STEPHIN MERRITT is best known as the principal singer and songwriter of the band The

Magnetic Fields. His most recent release is “50 Song Memoir” (Nonesuch).

NAOMI YANG is a musician (Galaxie 500, Damon & Naomi), photographer, and directs music

and fashion videos (musicians including Lee Ranaldo, Waxahatchee; fashion designer Gary


SHIRLEY KURATA is a Los Angeles based costume designer and wardrobe stylist and coowner

of the store Virgil Normal. She has done costume design for commercials, music videos,

films, as well as styling for various fashion editorials and runway shows (

CHARLIE STAUNTON is co-owner and shop boy at Virgil Normal. He studied art, photography

and is a self-taught sign painter. An aspiring waterman, he longs to catch endless waves and

soak up the California sunshine (