Pop-Up-Up-Up December 10, 2015 15:51

Hello a few things of note. 1. Grant Doolittle of Grant Knits & Michael Dopps, Theophilus Martins of Good Posture and Krissy Teegerstrom of Feather Weight Studio will be joining us here on December 19th 12-4pm for a Pop-Up-Up-Up Shop. That's not once, twice but Thrice the Pop.


Grant Knits, Knits clothes for men and and women, costumes, wall hangings, and interior objects.He learned to crochet when He was 3 from his Grandma and Aunt.  A teenage screen print wizard, he then started learning how to make patterns and sew shortly after. Once he started knitting it became an obsession and it combined a lot of other skills he had been learning along the way.

Theophilus Martins is an American singer, songwriter, rapper, record producer, DJ & fashion designer. Martins, also known for his personal style, was described as "[a man that] marches to the beat of his own drum".Martins received major attention after releasing You Can’t Do That on Television, drawing praise from AOL GQ Magazine and The Washington Post, Martins made an early career as a child actor landing a role in Steven Spielberg's Academy Award nominated film Amistad.

In 2015 Theophilus formed Good Posture, which he has said functions as a creative company. Good Posture has handled Art direction for his album Wonderland along with direction for numerous musicians. Martins went on to debut the company and subsequent collection of clothing inspired by his recent stay in London, England.

Featherweight Studio designs by hand using pencil, paper, ink, paint and/or fabric.  Her techniques include collage, drawing, sewing, bleaching, embroidering & more.  She prefers the look of things touched by the human hand.  Imperfect & soulful.  Featherweight Clothing Co. began in the summer of 2012.  She has designed custom outfits for rock stars like Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam), John Doe (X), Exene Cervenka (X), Rhett Miller (Old 97's), Geneva Harrison (Bells Atlas), Jeff Klein (My Jerusalem) & more.


Speaking in Semaphore November 11, 2015 18:14

Dateline: Saturday 14th of November Virgil Normal proudly presents "Speaking in Semaphore".

Over 50 exotic artists from far away lands like Milan Italy, New York City, Portland Oregeon, and Los Angeles will be showing there wares at Virgil Normal. The show will be on display thru the holidays.

Pieces are priced fun.

Live Pop Music by "Sweet Bump It!"


Featured Artists.

Molly Curtin,Lisa Deines, Shirley Kurata, Jon Huck, Alexis Ross, Autumn de Wilde, Blair Green, Adam Seigel, Kate Mulleavy, Laura Mulleavy, Arrow Sperske de Wilde, the connffetti system, Mary Matson,Wendy Yao, Mariko Munro, Dane Johnson, Julia Delgado, Cody Cloud, Adi Goodrich, Grant Knits (Levy), Kevin Carney, Alex and Philip Mowgli Surf, King Tuff, Big Luke Thomas, Sam Phillips, Emily Alben, Amy Allen, Christine Nguyen, Devon Tsuno, Dylan Lathrop, Blake Hazard,Ben Klevay, Jed Voltz, Ann Ngo, David Metcalf, Meredith Metcalf, Diana Diaz, Dave Fresh, Eric Johnson, Brandon Andrew, Janet Levy, Jenny Lee, Sean Talkington, Olimpia Zagnoli, Erik Prowell, Rob Sinclair, Theophilus Martins, Marc Churchill, Giorgia Tramontano, Lee Noble, Keely Murphy, Phil Kim, Karen Kimmel and more.

Party Photos: