Wave 43

Photos and notes from the Wave 43 art party.

Above Sam Phillips with his art and friend.. he works with balance both in composition and in color.

It'll make your eyes bug out.

above work by King Tuff, painted with a feather brush is painstaking

and the amount of detail that is reminiscent of etching.. speaks to his

patience and drive to achieve such detail.

The band Suck Me Beautiful surprised us with a special guest appearance.

They rock hard go out and catch them.

portrait of the artist Big Luke Thomas, his work is layered with detail

and whimsy.

Diana is the one in the black t-shirt on the right.. She is responsible

for bringing this tidal wave of talent together. Thank you Diana and the whole Honey Power Club.

Thank you to everyone who came out and supports art and music.



Saturday July 25th from 5pm to 10 or later Honey Power Collective take over Virgil Normal.

This being Honey Power's first art show they dug into their musical roots and uncovered a trust of vetted musicians who are accomplished artists. Work by King Tuff, Amy Allen, Sam Phillips, Luke Thomas, Mukta Mohan, and Emily Alban. Music provided by the Honey Power dj's and Special guest band (too big to mention).

Also Shirley Kurata and Charlie Staunton will be screening William Klein's 1969 masterpiece "Mr. Freedom" containing the only color footage of the May 1968 student uprising and featuring Serge Gainsbourg.

So bring your dancing shoes and a blanket to comfy.