VN Roses 3m Reflective T-shirt

$ 36.00

The past was yours but the future belongs to the roses a 3m reflective ss tee keeping you safe in the streets. Here comes the morning sun, she bangs the drum. Get seen, get heard, be the first, be the last. The way Virgil Normal comes to these ends I can't describe.

Tee shirts are 100% made in Los Angeles.

  Body Length Chest Width Sleeve Length
S 271/2 in. 19 in. 241/4 in.
M 281/2 in. 21 in. 245/8 in.
L 291/2 in. 23 in. 247/8 in.
XL 305/8 in. 25 in. 251/8 in.
2XL 315/8 in. 27 in. 25 3/8 in.

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