Color Blocked Chore Coat - Multi

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Created together with an ambling high plains cyclist group, Afterschool Pojects. We took a 3 year long bike packing trip through the plains of Spain. We endured the rains, whilst we brain stormed and played dice next to our camp fires. Late night conversations and endless sun soaked rides have led us to the determination that what the world needed more of is this durable chore coat. Chore coats with fabric that will stand up to abrasive gravel trails and it's thorny chaparral. Plenty of pockets for any situation or tool. Cropped to land at the waist to enable mobility and scuttle you across the city in style. 

Machine wash cold

Made in Los Angeles

 Size inches.      XS.            S.          M.         L.          Xl
Chest.                44.            46.        48.       50.         52
Length.              25.             25.5.     26.       26.5.      27
Sleeve.               21.             21.5.     22.5.     23.         23.75