Olympus XA 2 35mm Film Camera - Black

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Discover the amazing capabilities of the Olympus XA 2 35mm Film Camera. This super compact point and shoot camera features a superior lens with vivid image quality, perfect for daylight photography. Its lightweight design allows for effortless portability, fitting neatly in your pocket for on-the-go photo capture. Enjoy professional results with ease.

Appearance of the item

There are some scratches and dirt due to normal use.
Please check on the photos for detailed condition of the product.

・Dusts - Some ・Fog - A little ・Fungus - No signs ・Scuffs/Scratches - A little
Photographs may be affected depending on the weather and conditions.

・Dusts - A little
・Fog - No signs
・Fungus - A little
・Scuffs/Scratches - No signs
It will affects the visibility a little.

・Power - OK
・Shutter - OK
・Timer - OK
Does not activate flash (flash not included)